Brother Jim

Brother Jim’s Experience of Salvation:
I was saved June 10, 1962. I had known that I was lost for over a year at the time. Attending Church regularly was crucial. The Holy Spirit used the gospel to bring a deep conviction on my soul, a terrible feeling of being separated from God. It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced, (being lost; without God; separated from God; undone; without hope). I knew that without Salvation, I would go to hell.

As the conviction built I felt the Holy Spirit drawing me to the altar. I was a young teenager; going to the altar in front of the congregation was something that I thought I couldn’t do! I tried to bargain with the Lord, to let me be saved at home or some other private place but that wasn’t His plan.

After struggling with this for over a year I got where the Lord wanted me. I went to the altar. I realized I could do nothing on my own. I had to trust in the Lord with all my heart, mind, and soul. That is what the Lord expects, a complete and unreserved trust in him, a willingness to give up everything in order to gain salvation.

I went to the altar that morning with a burden that I could now longer bare. When I knelt to pray I no longer cared about what people might think of me. I was willing to do anything to gain God’s gift of salvation. Within minutes of kneeling and asking the Lord to save me that terrible burden was lifted in a moment. I could no longer pray for salvation, I had been saved. His work is perfect once saved you cannot lose it.

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