Sister Renee

Sister Renee’s Experience of Salvation:
God touched my heart on April 9, 1989. It was a Sunday morning after worship services at Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist Church (Washington, IL). I was 14 years old. I had known for quite sometime, three years, that there was a void in my life. That void was the absence of God. I was a good girl; obeyed my parents, was nice to people, tried to do good works, and went to Sunday school and worship services every Sunday. I even went to Sunday night service (with the occasional protest) but I knew that I was missing something, and being the very best little girl in the world would not get it for me. I was missing God’s salvation.

As I prayed at Pleasant Valley’s alter on April 9, God came to me again with the request. “Thank those who prayed for you and give them each a hug.” I finally surrendered. I got up off my knees and announced my appreciation to the congregation for their prayers over the years. I can not remember who I hugged first, either my aunt or grandmother, but as soon as I touched the first person I felt the biggest, most gigantic weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt God! That was it and I knew it. I had obeyed and I was experiencing salvation. The void was filled and has been since that day. Thank you God for my salvation!

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